WGM Group: Marketing a Well-Known Engineering Firm

WGM Group: Marketing a Well-Known Engineering Firm

When WGM Group approached us about a new marketing initiative upon their 50th anniversary, it was a prime opportunity for new design and strategy to make sales in new markets.

WGM Group is a comprehensive planning and design firm, founded in 1966 on a core of civil engineering services. Over the past fifty+ years they’ve experienced incredible evolution and growth.  They now provide clients across the northern Rockies with six distinct service lines.

When we began planning their marketing strategy they had offices in Missoula and Helena.  Within a few months of starting the rebranding effort they opened a brand new office in Kalispell. This past month, they celebrated the grand opening of their newest office in the heart of downtown Bozeman.

Their conservative brand identity no longer matched the design thinking their target clients want.

The old logo didn’t set WGM Group apart from the competition.

WGM principals and team members spend a lot of time networking at events and trade shows. It was key their new marketing materials made them stand apart from the competition. Most importantly, their old website was lacking clear messaging that explained why their ideal clients should choose them over the other engineering firms in a crowded field.

We spent the first part of our engagement really listening to who they wanted to be reaching with their marketing initiatives.

We clarified what those people really needed to hear to feel confident about WGM’s abilities.  We defined how WGM delivers the best results on time and on budget.

We then designed a powerful new brand and website strategy with everything the WGM team told us about their strengths, the challenges keeping their clients up at night, and how they solve those problems.

The new logo reflects the high level of design thinking, technical expertise, and integrity the firm needs to communicate in its first impression with target clients.

A strong color palette and sub-logos for each service line sets WGM Group apart from the competition, and convey their unique strengths to clients.

The website makes it immediately clear ‘who’ WGM is, what they do, and how they deliver successful projects that save time and money.

The new brand was launched in Spring of 2017, and immediately began attracting the clients WGM wants to be working with across Montana and the northern rocky mountain region.  They’ve developed the Downtown Helena Master Plan.  And led a $70 million transformation to turn Missoula’s Southgate Mall into a mixed-use neighborhood center. 

They’re securing the contracts they want because they got clear about what they really do best, and started marketing how that solves problems for the people they work with.









Inspired Pursuits: Brand Strategy to Grand Opening for The Mountain Project

Inspired Pursuits: Brand Strategy to Grand Opening for The Mountain Project

The Spur team is a bunch of adventure junkies, finding inspiration and  twisted pleasure in pushing our limits. The deep peace and huge smiles we find in the mountains fuel our creativity and brings our brand strategy clarity. Naturally we were pretty amped to launch a new brand for a training facility developed specifically for mountain pursuits, founded by none other than The North Face Athlete, ultra-runner, and all around great human, Mike Wolfe.

To put it mildly, Mike is a beast. I mean, seriously, if you need some motivation watch this video of him running The Crown of the Continent from Montana to Canada or this interview. Right now.


Mike approached us this past winter with marketing needs for The Mountain Project a training and coaching facility that prepares athletes for achieving their full potential in the mountains. It’s also a community that harnesses their collective love for watching a sunrise from a mountain peak, and the true joy that comes from a day of deep powder and perfect lines.

Over the next few months, we had the pleasure of working closely with Mike to develop the foundation of his brand: a clear story, powerful logo, and professional business cards that capture the strength, focus, and wildness The Mountain Project represents. It was a blast every step of the way, constantly reminding us why we love where we live and what we do.


This past Thursday, Mike hosted the Grand Opening of The Mountain Project gym in Bozeman, and we joined in the celebration. The facility itself is beautiful. A stunning mural from local artist Rachel Pohl combining peaks from the Himalaya, the Andes, and the Bridger Ridge covers the entire eastern wall to keep athletes motivated.

But, it’s the community The Mountain Project has brought together that’s truly amazing. The people I met at the grand opening weren’t just incredibly fit. They were genuinely happy, deeply engaging and obviously ready for the next adventure, whatever that may be. My kiddo ran around and danced with other little mountaineers while parents drank craft brews and made plans for the next big run or ride. We talked about our stoke for the ski season, and confessed we may need Mike and his team to kick our butts into gear before it begins.

This level of comfort, camaraderie and inspiration I felt at that barbecue is The Mountain Project’s authentic brand, and it’s a damn good one.

If you need help defining the authentic story that inspires and motivates your target audiences, let’s talk. We’d love the grand adventure of creating a brand and defining a marketing strategy to shout your message from the mountaintops.