It’s Equal Pay Day.  Here are 20 reasons women excel in business and marketing.

It’s Equal Pay Day. Here are 20 reasons women excel in business and marketing.

April 4th is Equal Pay Day.  Last year, women earned about 80 cents on the dollar.

As a female business owner, I’ve seen the talent, determination, and fearlessness women bring to leading and marketing their businesses.  They combine bad-assery with resourcefulness and make s#@t happen for their people and their profits.


To celebrate Equal Pay Day and make up for those missing 20 cents, here are 20 reasons why the women on your team are worth every penny in growing your business and creating connections.

  1.  Women have the superpower of empathy, and use it to create great work environments and lead their teams.
  2. We have an amazing eye for opportunity, and the skills & determination to master productivity and profitability
  3. Clear strategic vision.  Every startup or established business needs that in spades.
  4. Women drive 70-80% of ALL CONSUMER SPENDING, and we know how to brand and market to them.
  5. Plain and simple, women are really great at managing money.
  6. Perseverance.  The ability to keep pushing through the ups and downs of running a business or raising capital.
  7. Amazing negotiation skills.  Whether it’s landing a top position in a predominantly male field or getting a toddler in the car for school, we know how to navigate challenging conversations with clarity and grace.
  8. Resilience. Understanding what it really takes, and how to put it in action.
  9. An incredible capacity for resourcefulness.  We find ways to make things happen, even if it’s inventing a way.
  10. We’re creative and inventive as hell.  Like beer? Central heating?  Your dishwasher?  Thank a woman.
  11. We understand how vulnerability leads to strong, authentic relationships – even with our customers and clients.  If you don’t think vulnerability has power, watch this Brene Brown TED talk with over 34 MILLION VIEWS.
  12. We are your calm eye at the center of a chaotic storm, particularly in times of  growth or change.
  13. When things get tough, we’re great at building support networks instead of flailing solo.
  14. We’re strong as hell.  I could link to a source here, or I could just recite how far we’ve come making 80 cents on the dollar, or ya know, childbirth.
  15. Our intuition helps us connect dots and make great choices for ourselves and our companies.
  16. We’re hardwired for great customer service, because we understand what makes people tick.
  17. We build powerful teams, because we know how to ask for the help we need from our colleagues.
  18. Strong emotional intelligence gives us an insight on what our colleagues and clients need to feel heard.
  19. Soft skills are magic sauce for a leadership team, and women have them in spades.
  20. Grit.  Angela Duckworth sums it up in this TED Talk that inspired that start of Spur Studio.  Let’s talk if you want to connect about the ways women can help grow your business.