Creative Inspiration & Powerful Connections At The First HATCH Latin America

Every so often in life the Universe delivers an invitation too amazing to pass up. When HATCH Founder Yarrow Kraner e-mailed an invitation to participate in the inaugural HATCH Latin America this winter, I knew immediately it was time to make room in my personal and work schedules to spend 10 days in Panama with a tribe of 150 creative catalysts and game changers.

Getting on that plane and being part of HATCH Latin America was unequivocally one of the best choices I’ve ever made. And I am so incredibly grateful for the creative inspiration, renewed business focus, and soulful recharge that took place during 4.5 days at Kalu Yala, and 5 days of decompression at Selina Hostels Playa Venao.

Here are my takeaways:

– Authentic, heartfelt connections and strong human relationships are where the real world changes take place. Let’s keep focusing there.

– Stepping away from the office and off-grid is the scariest/best thing I can do as Spur’s CEO and Lead Strategist. Coming back from HATCH, I’m more motivated than ever to do great work for our clients so they can keep doing great work for our communities and our world.

– Creativity is a muscle that needs to be continually trained and strengthened. I’m grateful I get to work with my clients whose projects challenge and strengthen that creative muscle regularly.

It was incredible to be in Panama with such an amazing and powerful network. And it’s fantastic to be back in Montana doing what I love from a place I’m grateful to call home. I love this intersection of adventure and forward momentum.

Cheers, Shannon