Chances are, your reasons for starting your business were pretty clear.  You saw a need in the market, and created a product or service that fills that need. But you may have skipped over the key step of defining your Unique Value Proposition.

Do you find yourself struggling in your marketing efforts to describe exactly what it is your business does? Specifically how you’re different than the competition? And most importantly – why that matters to the people you need to sell to? Do the details of your products and services take you off on tangents that cause your potential clients to glaze over? 

With the average attention span now hovering around 8 seconds, it’s more important than ever to communicate ‘what’s in it for you’ to your clients in a quick, memorable statement. Especially in the world of digital marketing, where you have smaller spaces and shorter attention spans to work with. 

That statement is called your Unique Value Proposition (or Unique Selling Point) in marketing lingo, and it’s your best opportunity to tell your potential customers or clients exactly how you can improve their lives, and how you can do that better than your competition.

Your UVP Checklist

To develop your Unique Value Proposition (UVP), you need to clarify:

  • What exactly you do (what specific products or services are your bringing to market)
  • Who your target clients/customers are.
  • What their current pain points are.
  • How your products and services provide specific benefits that make their lives easier/better.

Make sure you’re using language that’s clear to your customers, instead of using the terms and acronyms that get thrown around in your industry meetings and events. And remember, the whole UVP should be just a few sentences you and your team feel confident about, and can be condensed to bullet points for visual reinforcement as needed.

How Uber Does it

Here’s a great quick example from Uber, the ride service app that completely changed the transportation market:

Tap the app, get a ride

Uber is the smartest way to get around. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go.

With a few sentences, Uber tells their customers exactly what the app does, and how it’s a step up from some of the pitfalls associated with taxi service.

Where Spur Comes In

At Spur, we craft your Unique Value Proposition into what we call a Core Message because it’s the core of your brand communications from website copy to press releases.  It’s the blueprint for all your marketing efforts.  And it takes time and focus to develop. 

But we can make the process simple, and deliver great results quickly with a deep dive into how you  solve problems and make life easier and better. for your clients. 

Contact us to set up a Marketing Blueprint consultation to help define the foundation for your unique value proposition, and how you’ll share that with the people who need to see it.