re·flec·tive rəflektiv/


1. relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful.

2. providing a reflection; capable of reflecting light or other radiation.

On this December 30th, looking back at all that 2014 brought Spur and all that awaits on the horizon I identify with both definitions of such a lovely word. Today outside my office window in Bozeman, Montana it is a sharp -6 degrees (up from the -20 degree reading that greeted us this morning). While this weather may not be ideal for skiing, it is perfect for studying the snow-coated peaks against a cerulean sky and taking stock of the mind-bendingly amazing things that happened this year. And, of course, feeling incredible gratitude for all of the heart-warmingly wonderful people who helped make them happen.

I came back from maternity leave right after ringing in 2014, equally eager to get back to the client work I love and curious about how I would balance a growing business with the needs of a brand new babe. Coming back into the office that first day, I thought Spur would tiptoe into the year. Just shy of 12 months later I can happily report it was an all-out, exhilarating sprint of marathon proportions. The kind of long, fast run that surges adrenaline and seratonin through your system, leaving a smile on your face at the end. In 2014, we were honored to work with clients of all sizes from diverse industries – and every engagement gave us the opportunity to dig deeper, learn more, and expand our capacity. It was challenging and exhilarating.

As mountain-loving adventure seekers, this was the kind of year that’s right up our alley. A huge, sincere thank you to all of the clients that had faith in the talent and work ethic of a young agency with big vision; and to all of the friends and family members who provided child care, late night pep talks, and countless cups of coffee to make it all happen. You know who you are, and we truly hope you know how much you mean to us.

That brings us to the radiant properties of “reflective”. We’ve been so incredibly fortunate to bask in the light of other creatives and business leaders since taking the leap with Spur Studio two and a half years ago; it’s time to share that glow. As we scan the horizon of 2015, we’re setting our intention of continuing to shine light on the people, places, and projects that inspire us most. We’re actively filling our creative wells by getting out of the office, into the mountains, and among the people in our communities who are effecting positive change with noble business ventures that raise the collective tide of prosperity while protecting the wild places that expand our hearts and minds. We’re choosing to eschew good work in favor of great work; knowing that if the words and images we create don’t spur action or a strong gut response, we simply need to do better for our clients and ourselves. That excites us and drives us forward as individuals and as an agency.

Cheers to this life that empowers us to do work that matters for people we admire.