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CEO, Lead Strategist

After graduating from the University of Vermont with an English degree in 2002, I moved to Montana with a Subaru full of books to connect with the beauty of well-chosen words, and tattered gear to explore the high peaks of my new home. I’m drawn to conversations that go beyond the surface, and always seeking the endless views that inspire me.  I channel that inspiration, and a lifelong love of finding the deeper meaning of words and messages to help Spur’s client tell their authentic story to the people who need to hear it.

I run on coffee and good beer, and am not above a solo dance party if the music is right.

Shannon Hughes, CEO of Spur Studio

Seth Neilson

Creative Director

I believe in the power of thoughtful design, and with nearly 20 years in the industry, that feeling has only grown stronger. I’ve worked client-side, agency-side, and freelance, and the one thing in common with all of the many hats I’ve worn is the concept that design has power. I’m excited every day to see how that principle can change businesses for the better. 

JOEL Martin

Digital Strategist

From the frigid northern lands of Alaska where I was born, to the somewhat less frigid lands of Montana where I was educated in the ways of filmmaking and marketing, my passion has always been creative development. I strive to generate content and strategies that reflect a brand’s unique personality while simoultaneously catalyzing a measurable revenue stream for them.


Graphic Design Intern

Growing up in the Bay Area to studying in Montana I learned I have a passion for connecting people and solving problems. I have come to realize while studying at MSU, I can bring these passions together through design. As I transition into the design world, I am excited to work and further my education while working with Spur Studio.


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